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p33Feng shui works on the premise that what is closest to you has the most impact on your physical and emotional health. Based on this theory, the colour of your clothing can have a significant influence on how you feel. After all, other than the food you eat, what comes closer to your body than the clothes on your back?

BLUE is a must have in your wardrobe-it has magical soothing powers to cool down the temper of your boss!

Believe it or not, but you should have a pair of blue shirt, t-shirts, ties, scarf and other outfits in this magical colour. Reason being that blue has amazing power to cool down things. If you are at draggers drawn with your boss for some reason then you can wear this shade so as to avoid any further conflict.

Wear RED on the day when you have performed well or have met the targets

Red has immense power to attract. When we submit a big project successfully, we want everyone to take notice and appreciate. So whenever you have achieved something worthwhile then go in for a red outfit.

YELLOW and BROWN provide stability

Colours like brown and yellow, are best suited for days when you need to take important decisions. If you are at a much higher level in the hierarchy then these colours will be very beneficial for you.

Too Much BLACK on the day of presentation should be avoided

Most of the professionals own a black or navy blue business suit. But do you also know that choosing such a total black look on the day of any important meeting with a client can make you look dull and unimpressive. A hint of colour like a pink tie, a light yellow shirt will make you look professiou nal and lively.

GREEN is best suited for the marketing department or the finance department

Green shows growth and development. This is a perfect shade to put on while meeting new clients, while attending any employee training seminars. Green is the colour of growth and of development. If reflects success and development in any form.



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