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First and foremost idea that crops in the mind of parents of bride and groom is to take care of the comfort of all the guests as it is considered that seeking blessings is important before strating on anything new. Specially something as portant as a wedding!
Mandap where the sacred seven vows are taken must be planned well in advance taking care that none of the Vaastu rules are ignored.

Mandap in North-East
When you are spending lakhs on planning the wedding then it is a great idea to consult a vaastu expert. In vaastu shastra north-east or the ishaan kon (direction) is considered very auspicious. The Hindu lagan mandap must ideally be in north-east direction. It should be planned in such a way that the couple must sit facing East.

Square shaped lagan mandap
A Square shaped lagan mandap is considered the best of all shapes. Vaastu shastra explains that each corner of a space generates a certain kind of energy. If that shape is equal from all sides then the overall energy generated is positive and the work carried out there is always fruitful. In professional world many organizations keep the shape of their office, specially their marketing offices square. Reason being that it is marketing department which is actually the bread winner of the system.

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Measurement of Fire pit
The holy fire pit must have equal length, breath and height. It must be ensured that the sacred fire pit is a square. Also known as Havan Kund, if the fire pit is broken or uneven then that must not be accepted for pujan purpose.

Oval, Circular Wedding halls must be avoided
Vaastushastra emphasizes that the shape of wedding hall must either be a square or a rectangle. It must never be a circle or a triangle or any other irregular shape as many marriage hall owners are introducing lot of changes so as to make the area look very fancy and the bride and groom can compare their wedding to that of some celebrities who sit in boats, gondolas, parachutes, buses and even motorcycles on their weddings.

Entrance of the wedding hall
Entrance of the wedding hall is one of the most important places. It should ideally be in East or in north and if possible you can even plan the entrance in north-east. As discussed above north-east one attracts positive and divine vibrations of universe.

Vidayi area must be in South-west
It is said that when a girl is born, she is an incarnation of Lakshmi and she brings with her prosperity for the family. When she leaves, she throws back what we call some rice so that the house must remain prosperous even after the girls goes to another house. Therefore the vidayi area is also very important. It must be in the south-west corner.

Washrooms must not be close to the Lagan Mandap
If there is a washroom close to the sacred fire, then it must be closed and a carpet of fresh flowers must be used to cover its door. Washrooms emit lot of shar and negative energies.


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