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After kitchen, store house is the next most important room in any household. People can do without a living room, lounge and even a bed room but even for five minutes it is impossible to move in a new house without a functional kitchen.

Similarly, the moment we step into a house we always have some extra stuff which either needs repair, or we presume to use it in future or at times we also keep food grains in a store room. But do you know that an unattended and unkempt store room can be the reason behind failure in relationships, loss in business or even a failed marriage?

How can a messy store house affect your life?

  • Yes, that is perfectly true. Electrical appliances which are not working emit a shar energy. In Feng shui, shar energy means the energy which is very dangerous.
  • Why do we pay so much attention towards dusting and cleaning every object of our house? The science behind it says that dust does not allow positive energy to free flow in the atmosphere.
  • In case one has to preserve food grains in the store room then the best direction for it is South. South is ruled by planet Mars which represents heat and light. Natural warmth is required in the area where food grains are kept for the reason that slight dampness can cause bacteria and fungus to develop.
  • Inflammable materials should be packed well and cautiously placed in the store room to avoid any mishap.
  • At times people let their domestic help sleep somewhere in the store room. This is not advisable at all. He or she may have sleepless nights due to the immensely negative vibrations and a person who is supposed to work hard during the day deserves a good night’s sleep.
  • At times people put a lock on the store room to avoid kids from entering. But what happens in the process is that for months together, it is seen that food grains and or other stuff is kept neglected and the place becomes a generator of illness and diseases in the house.

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