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dragon-turtle-buy-fengshuicomWe put in lots of efforts and at times success is still not achieved! There can be numerous reasons behind it but at times there are reasons which are not in our control. This is where feng shui comes for your help. We are able to control ourselves but we are unable to control the environment around us, the pople around us and their behavior.

If you are looking forward to a promotion this year, then a Dragon tortoise can definitely help you. All of us have heard of the story where a tortoise wins the race even while competing with a rabbit. So the energies of a dragon, the fiery power and energy of dragon is clubbed with the consistency of a tortoise.

The Dragon Tortoise, is basically a mythical animal which is made by clubbing two celestial animals, the Dragon and the Tortoise. It is a perfect blend of ambition and wisdom.

It is also used to rebuilding reputation if it gets deteriorated in some way. At times you can also spot a little baby tortoise on the back of the animal. It is a feng shui symbol that represents baby’s good luck which will help the entire family.

Dragon has been used from times immemorial by the Chinese and it is believed to bring lots of good fortune and wealth to the beholder. Dragon is considered pious and a very very important symbol of positive energy as it is believed to emit a special kind of chi called ‘sheng chi’ or Celestial Breath.

You can present this symbol to your daughter or son or brother, sister or husband who is looking for a growth in the office and is feeling quite stagnated.

The placement of the dragon tortoise should be totally your choice. But still it should be preferably in the north-east direction.

Also it should be seen that while you place it on your desk, you should try and not eat or place eatables on your desk!

There are various shades of the dragon turtle available. The green Dragon is for the East, the red one should be placed in the South, the white Tiger should be in the West and the North area mostly has a black Turtle.


Dr Rupa Batra

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