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janmastamiJanamasthami as the name suggests is the celebration of birth of Lord Krishna on the eve of

ashtmI. It is one of the major festivals in India which is celebrated with lot of joy, happiness, fun

and colours. Today Krishna janamasthami is not restricted to India but countries like USA, UK,

Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada celebrate this festival with lot of enthusiasm. Such is the faith and

love for Lord Krishna.

Devotees all across the country observe fasts, offer prayers, and prepare lots of delicasies to be

offered to everyone on the birth of Lord Krishna which is celebrated at midnight. From decades

the tradition of cutting a cucumber to mark the birth of Lord Krishna is observed. An infant idol of

the diety is placed in the cradle and sharp at 12 midnight the birth of little Krishna is celebrated.

Sweets are offered to God and the distributed to people around.

Life of Lord Krishna is dipicted in the form of jhaanki which is a sort of pictorial representation of

the life of Lord Krishna. Children purchase small toys and try to create a sort of village in which

Lord Krishna was born and spent his early childhood days. In cities like Mumbai, dahi haandi is

organised in which young boys make a pyramid and climb to the top of it to break a clay pot

which is hung with a rope. This is a sort of game representing the childhood days of Lord Krishna

when he along with his brother and friends used to climb up like these pyramids to get a scoop of

delicious fresh cream and butter. Raas leena is organised in the Holy cities of Mathura and


Krishna is the eighth son of princess Devaki and Vaasudev and as per the historians it is believed

that Lord Krishna was born on July 18th 3228 BCE and he lived till Feb 18th 3102 BCE. It is

primarily because of the acts of Lord Krishna that he is loved and cherished to such an extent


But being a vaastu expert I would like to share certain important vaastu rules while offering

prayers which might be of help…

1 Try and remove dust particles from each and every nook and corner of the house as dust tends to

stop the proper flow of positive energy in the house.

2 Try and get the pooja done in the north east area of the house as this is best suited for religious


3 Fresh flowers not only add the ornamental value but also help do away with negativity in the


4 pooja in bedroom specially which has a washroom attache should be strictly avoided.

5 old and torn and tattered pictures of deities should be removed from the puja ghar. They should

be neatly folded and kept in a cupboard

A very happy janamasthami to all of you.

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Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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