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Pakistani actor Fawad Khan seems to have charmed a spell over the Indian women but something which is ever more stunning, latest and novel is the concept of Fashion Fengshui which is getting popular amongst college goers, professionals, Bollywood artists and people at large.

What is Fashion fengshui?

It is a modern and revolutionary dressing technique backed by Feng Shui-the ancient Chinese Art of Placement.  It is based on the Five Element theory in Feng Shui. The “Five Elements” is the name that Feng Shui principles give to the colors around us. These elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and each has a particular color, shape, and features. When you wear the colors and shapes that represent a specific Element, you project its attributes.

If you are involved in social activities or want to feel dramatic, then pick up the Fire Element.
Colors: Red, orange, purple
Patterns: Pointed designs, animal prints

If you are involved in the community or family oriented activities or want to feel stable and grounded, wear the Earth Element.
Colors: Brown, yellow, terra cotta
Patterns: Checks, plaids

If you are involved with cultural activities or want to feel elegant and stand apart, wear the Metal Element.
Colors: White, pastel, metallic
Patterns: Round, dots, scrolls

If you are involved in artistic, intellectual, and spiritual activities, or want to feel elegant and project strength, wear the Water Element.
Colors: Black, navy, deep blue
Patterns: Wavy, paisley, abstract

If you are involved in health related or athletic activities or want to feel energized and active, wear the Wood Element.
Colors: Green, blue
Patterns: Vertical patterns and stripes

                               COLOUR                     OCCASSION
                                  RED You can go in for a lovely red outfit when you wish to speak in public or want to stand out from the crowd. But avoid red if you are nervous or are self-conscious.
                                     PINK Go in for a pink saree/ t-shirt/skirt if you want to sort out matters with a loved one, because it is soothing and helps dissolve feelings of anger.
                                   YELLOW Put on your best yellow attire when you have an important decisions to make, but avoid yellow when you are feeling tired as it might drain your energy levels.
                                   GREEN Pick up your favourite green outfit on your first day to job, when learning new skills, taking classes and so on.
                                 BROWN You can wear brown if you feel scared or insecure. Brown makes you feel safe, but avoid wearing it when dealing with stubborn people.
                                 BLACK Black brings out a sense of depth and strength. Wear black if you need to command leadership. Black makes you stand apart from the crowd, so avoid wearing it when you need to be seen as an equal.

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