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Introducing an aquarium to your home not only adds to the ornamental value of the room but also adds life to that particular corner or wall or the room itself. But it is extremely important that an aquarium should be properly placed and should be well taken care of else it can affect us negatively too.

Vaastu rules to maintain aquarium

  • First and foremost your aquarium should always be clean. This type of unkempt aquarium attracts negative energy (sha chi) that can impact all areas of your life especially your wealth sector.
  • The purpose of an aquarium is to add or activate yang energy and this is done by the fish with their constant swimming. Water is yang energy, but its the movement of water that creates the yang energy. Generally, the best area to place the fish tank to activate prosperity and wealth is the east direction of your hose.
  • A fish tank should be avoided in a bedroom or in the center of your house. Bedroom is a place to relax whereas placing a fish tank there would create too much yang energy from the fish swimming around the tank. You might not catch sound sleep in that case. Even center of the house is not a good location for a fish tank, as water right in the middle of the house indicate s that you will have a lot of problems and difficulties.
  • Although the number variety of fishes to be kept in the pond is totally your prerogative, but still if you have placed the aquarium specially for some positive energy in your life then feng shui suggests to have eight goldfish and one black goldfish. The number nine is the number for prosperity, which symbolizes your wealth having a long life span.
  • The aquarium should have circulating oxygenated water
  • It should have congenial and familiar environment for the fish
  • It should have symbolic presence of the five elements of feng shui: Water, wood, fire, earth and metal.
  • Fish should be fed timely, are healthy and active and they should like the overall environment  of the artificial sea/ocean you have created for them!!
  • Whatever the size of the aquarium, be sure that it is located in an area with a proper level, should be sturdy and where it is not in danger of being bumped into or knocked over.
  • Aquarium should be kept away from heater vents, windows, or doors, as these can produce harmful temperature fluctuations. Avoid placing it too near to a window as too much light into the tank can be fatal for fishes.



Dr Rupa Batra

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