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dustbinHave you ever wondered why most of your projects and plans end abruptly? The mismanaged dirty bin of clutter lying just close to your foot is the ultimate cause of all negative energies creating unwanted hindrances in your work. Dirty and unkempt dustbins also disturb the flow of money in the house.

Open and dirty dustbins are one of the biggest factors of bad vaastu. Dustbin is an object which contains the entire unwanted and discarded stuff of the house. If left open and unattended, it can create negative energy for you.

Must follow vaastu rules for bins in the house

  • Dustbins should not be placed in the east zone of the house. Many a times I mention about the east zone. Now if you do not have a compass, I will tell you the easiest method to locate the east area of your house. Just observe the direction from where the sun rises. This direction is the east of your house. Now this is the place from where your house gets immense source of light and energy. If anything like an open dustbin is placed at this spot. It can affect the good energy from entering the house.
  • It should be made a thumb rule that dustbins with a proper lid should be purchased for the rooms as well as kitchen and washrooms. The automatic lid will prevent the foul smell and dust from entering the house.
  • Dustbins with floral prints in pink and blue colour should be used. Dirty and broken ones should be replaced.
  • A dustbin should not be kept close to or near the puja area. Here we offer our prayers to the almighty and the area is very sacred.
  • Sterilization or cleaning of the dustbins should be done twice every week.
  • The kitchen dustbin should be used for discarding any kind of liquid waste, rather than dumping such stuff in the dustbins kept in the room.

Dr Rupa Batra

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