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stairsIn a corporate set up is very common. At times there are stairs outside the building and in many cases stairs are inside the complex as well. Stairs denote movement of energy in an upward and downward manner. Employees and even outsiders and visitors keep using the stairs to go from one department to the other. So the departments or the areas where the stairs are constructed receive a continuous flow of energy in the opposite directions.

Why should the stairs be crafted very carefully?

  • Stairs constitute that area of the building which receives constant energies in both the directions
  • The area receives lot of pressure due to the weight it receives constantly
  • A constant sound is created in that area
  • People tend to slip down the stairs
  • A lot of effort is put by people while climbing up. At times there is no electricity and or the elevator is not working, people tend to get tired, anxious and frustration wells up. This emits lots of negative energies around that area. This is the reason why stairs and their direction should be taken care of
  • The structure itself of the stairs is uneven. So when the structure itself of something emits uneven vibrations, it becomes all the more important that the vaastu of that area should be examined properly.

Where should the stair case ideally be located?

The staircase should be ideally in South, South-west or in the West. Stairs should be avoided in the centre as it is Brahmsthan of the office.

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