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Be it an independent house or a flat or a multi story building, one important aspect of construction is stairs which must not be ignored. Stairs are crucial from Vaastu point of view as it balances and supports energies of different floors together. Stairs can be made in different shapes like a round stair, a straight one, a steel, cemented or even a wooden stair case.

Let’s first discuss the ideal direction of the stairs as per Vaastu
While planning a house make sure that stairs are constructed in south or west zone of the house. This is the direction of Earth and of metal. Both these elements work in coherence with the construction of the stairs. Stairs must not be built in north-east direction. Stairs in East direction specially the north-east can lead to financial losses and clashes on the personal front.


Vaastu tips to make staircase in accordance with energy of the cardinal directions
1.) Construction of stairs must be done in such a way that they always begin from North to South. Stairs must never be made anti-clockwise from south to north. And then they must be made from East to West and not West to East. This can result in failure of projects.
2.) Stair which is made outside of the house must be made in south-east and its front must face towards east, the stairs which are planned in north-west direction must be made in such a way that they face towards north and the stairs which are made in south-west direction must face south.
3.) Vaastu suggests that stairs must always be in odd numbers like 11, 15, 17 and so on and the resultant must not end in a zero.
4.) Stairs in circular pattern for designer look of the house can bring in bad health of the family members.
5.) No construction, specially a puja room must never ever be planned under the space of the staircase.
6.) Material used for the stairs must not be changed from floor to floor or in between for a single floor. This will change the energy which is experienced by the family members and can impact mental peace and stability.
7.) Stairs must not be left broken. This can cause financial losses. Repair work must be carried out as soon as possible.
8.) Stairs must not be made using very dark colours like dark brown, dark green or grey and black. Stairs must be made using light shades of white etc.
9.) It is advisable to create a gate in front of beginning and end of the staircase. This will ensure that no unwanted elements enter the house.
10.) Stairs must be made in such a way that space for proper sunlight and ventilation is created so that it does not become suffocating for the family members to climb the stairs.
11.) The height of the stairs must be kept equal. If there is difference in height of each stair then that can result in sudden accidents and leg cramps.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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