Astrology Services

Global Vaastu  offers on-site consultations to architects, designers, and individuals seeking to gain the benefits of vaastu. If you are planning a construction or renovation of a home or any public or commercial space or a company or  medical facility or hotel, let us work with your architect or interior designer and introduce the positive benefits of vaastu.


Off-Site  Astrology Consultations

You may consult Global Vaastu Experts at our office premises or through email or phone consultations.

All the astrology services are available at our office only.

Date of Birth Reading :

Get your date of birth analysed for success, growth and Stability.
What are the factors or planets that will enhance your growth.
What remedies  will correct ill-effects of the malafic planets.
Are the life events not giving the desired results, get your Kundali analysed by our experts.
Are the factors suitable for Growth not favoring you,  Ask our experts why.

We believe in finding and giving the correct remedies, rather that talking on stories. We give life changing remedies to align the planets to reduce the negative or melefic effects.

We focus on strengthening the powerful or active planets to enhance the positive results for growth patterns.

Other Astrology Services

Kundali analysis
Kundali Milan for Marriage
Business Partners Kundali Milan
Kundali Analysis for Child’s Education
Astrology analysis for Growth and success
Remedies based on astro analysis of melific and Chalit
Life Activities analysis and with remedies

While the Expert is in discussion for your for Life changing  remedies:-

  • Ensure writing material is handy while discussion of remedies and changes.
  • Please avoid appointments coinciding the consultants visit time.
  • Avoid mobile or telephones, which may distract your orientation for solutions.
  • Decision making family member should be present at the time of visit.
  • Keep ready Date of birth (Kundali) of the members of family.
  • Try to Clear all your doubts on the site while discussion.
  • Ensure a complete list of issues that need our expert attention.