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Weddings mark beginning of the moment when two souls take vows to hold each other’s hands for a lifetime. It is the moment when everyone takes care that events must take place when astrologically it is a good time, stars are n favour and so on.

Flowers are made an integral part of any wedding as they carry with themselves a divine aura which makes the atmosphere positive and refreshing. Any wedding in India or across the globe is incomplete without the use of fresh Roses, jasmines, Carnations, Lilies etc. So lets discuss which ones are the auspicious flowers for Indian weddings.


Beautiful Roses:
Roses are always associated with love, romance, passion and beauty. This exquisitely beautiful flower carries with itself vibrations of togetherness, bonding and love. Either in the garlands of bride and the groom or in the mandap decoration or placed gracefully on the dinner tables, roses are and will always be auspicious for weddings.
Once can use Roses for car decoration as well. It is a special moment for the girl when she is about to say adieu to her parents and is about to sit and move to her in-laws house. Usually those marriages turn very successful where bride and groom are very good friends too. Along with Red roses, yellow and white can also be used creatively. Yellow represents friendship and companionship whereas white is an indicator of peace and harmony.


Aromatic Jasmines:
Consider yourself lucky if you get to attend a south Indian marriage. From the moment you step into the house you will find jasmine flowers beaded together in strings as gajra, decoration of mandap, ornaments for bride or even as decoration of the car or the traditional palki. This amazingly fragrant flower is enough to sprinkle fragrance all across the area. Jasmines are carriers of good fortune, prosperity and abundance. Jasmines are believed to strongly absorb negativity and are used all over India for instilling romance in the relationship.
Jasmines must definitely be used in the mandap and around the washroom area. They are a natural way to keep the negative vibrations of washroom at bay.

Marigolds have the legacy of being used right from Satyug as the flower of happiness and prosperity. With the rich natural hues which the nature has bestowed upon this flower, Marigolds are a part of almost all the Indian weddings. Marogolds are believed to ward off negative energy as the deities we worship are offered with garlands made of marigold. They are connected with sacrifice, faith and trust. All these attributes are vital for strengthening the bond of any relationship. The garlands that the bride and the groom exchange must have Marigolds as this sweet smelling flower provides the strength and courage to the couple to start this relationship with all new vigor and passion.

Tulips are great if you need to make the wedding area look very different and unique. Tulips are associated with wealth and fortune. For a married life which is full of love, laughter and prosperity, Tulips are the best bet.


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