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rakhi-lumba-rk-510364-500Avoid Red colour rakhi to reduce ‘stress’ from your brother’s life

Author: Dr Rupa Batra

Rakshabandhan, reminds us of attractive rakhis, sweets, shagun from brothers, gifts and lots of enjoyment with the family members. Markets are already afloat with rakhi’s of all sorts. A single delicate thread, to a beautiful swastika, from a peacock to the image of little Krrishna we have rachis of all designs, shapes and colours.
Our main objective is to purchase a rakhi which is not just beautiful but is different from the rest of the rakhi’s. Today when we are so particular while purchasing a particular type of rakhi, as I vaastu consultant I would like to share that how colours play an important role in impacting our mood and behaviours.

Today when we are tied up with deadlines, targets and official pressure, it is quite intelligent to gift to our brother the rakhi which will not pile up more stress on him.
Red shade should be avoided

Red is the colour with maximum hyper-energy frequency. This shade should usually be avoided when
people need some kind of solace in their lives. Rakhi’s with lot of red/maroon colour will emit high energy waves all through till the time your brother keeps it on his wrist.

While sending the courier rakhi-make sure you send white rice in more quantity as compared to the red roli. The white effect of the rice will balance the impact of red shade of roli.

Selection of the material of rakhi is also very important

Markets are flooded with rakhi made out of metal. Plastic, rubber and all sort of bizarre materials. We often get attracted to them and tend to purchase rakhi which is different in looks but is not very auspicious. Rakhi should ideally be made of jute, silk or cotton.

Check whether south-west portion of your house is in order or is it distorted as south-west is the direction of relationships in the house
Rakshabandhan is the festival to celebrate relationships. Relationship of your mother and her brother, your brother and yourself, your father and your sister all relationships are based on your family and family values. In case your relationship with your siblings is not on cordial terms then you need to check whether or not there is some problem in the south-west portion of the house.

Direction while tying the rakhi should be selected diligently
Choosing the right vaastu direction in the house while tying rakhi to your brother is very important. The south-east portion of the house is the most sacred direction. So try and arrange for the rakshbandhan puja in this corner of your house.

Avoid black threads

At times we tend to select designer threads to tie the rakhi’s. And in this bid we may neglect the shade of the thread. In any case the colour should not be black.

Hang a picture of you and your brother on the south-west wall of the house
A wonderful way of improving your relationship with your sibling is to get a memorable picture framed and hang it on the south-west portion of the wall.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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