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Superstar, demi god of Indian Cinema and an actor par excellence and an icon of the Bamitabh-bachchan-tecake-700x432ollywood and a respectable figure in Hollywood too Amitabh Bachchan is all set to entertain the little ones and to mesmerize all his fans wit his superb ability to adapt into newer roles in life with his superhero avatar which is set to be forecasted through TV series.


This super human who is 72 year-old right now just doesn’t seem to take retirement. As per the reports, Big B is in talks with Graphic India and Disney in order to introduce an animated series with the title ‘Astra Force’ which will be aired on the small screen.


The CEO of Graphic India and co-founder Sharad Devarajan along with Amitabh Bachchan have joined hands to bring to reality a super hero who is most likely to resemble the super hero of bollywood himself. This is not the first time that Big B has associated himself with animation and kids but to have a superhero akin to himself shows another aspect of his personality which is very flexible, fun filled and always positive. This I believe is a perfect example of good feng shui. After all what is feng shui? Feng shui is all about changing yourself to go with the flow, to remove all barriers, to look ahead with full confidence, to take up challenges no matter what. We all know that things were not very easy when Amitabh Bachchan had entered the industry. He was not accepted, he faced rejections, he had to make comprises which means that the outer world was continuously enveloping him with negative energies while he changed the flow with his inner strength and ability to face failure and criticism.


Feng shui Dragon is very effective to ward off negative energies.

There are moments when we put in all our efforts but we just do not seem to be getting results. This is when we can trust a feng shui Dragon. It is by far the most respected and trusted feng shui symbol to ward off the evil spirits. The placement of feng shui symbols is also very crucial. It should be placed on the study table, office desk, factory or shop in such a manner that it faces the door which is an Indicator that it is redirecting any negative energy outside.


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