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It is easier for me to tell you to sit in one particular direction in the office, to place the picture of a dove or a pigeon or to sit towards the side where you have more greenery in the office. But that is the medicine. We first need to work on the need for the medicine, right?

Thousands of advertisements do rounds throughout the day on the television, internet, newspapers and magazines on keeping yourself fit. Earlier the concept was losing weight through different techniques. But now the newer thing is to stay healthy and not just shed kilos. Why? Why is all this hullaballoo? Yes one reason definitely is to lose weight. But the more important aspect to it is how we feel about ourselves largely depends on how we look. We praise ourselves when we lose weight and we tend to hate our tummy, thighs etc for not having the potential to reduce the fat layers. But ultimately we harm ourselves, we g into deep layers of guilt. And his in turn hampers out day-to-day lifestyle and performance.

So even I we might otherwise be a nice person to talk to, a good human being at large, a soft spoken person, one liked by co-workers, a hardworking honest person but the cover provided to us by the nature-our body, our size becomes the chief determining factor about how we are.

Similarly, we might be very good professionals, very sincere, very alert and techno savvy. Our relationship building techniques might also be good but if we are unable to adjust to the building we work in, to the environment we work in, the real results would not be apparent.

Companies invest a huge amount into building offices which have a clean and strategic location. The interiors are selected with utmost care. Lot of greenery is introduced in the office in the form of a small park in the front and at the back. Indoor plants and flowers are introduced to remove toxins generated from the machines. Motivational paintings are selected for employees at all levels. Why? Because the atmosphere we work in is very crucial to our performance. We create the buildings and then the buildings create us.

This is the reason why we should have an atmosphere where we are able to create a balance between our thoughts and actions in a manner that it yields results and what we take home is a promotion or a raise and not stress and disappointment.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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