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candlesWe all love candles. Whether it is a perfumed candle, a designer one or just a simple candle placed in our bedroom or living rooms adds so much definition and character to that room. But do you also know that a candle has lots of healing effects in our house and on our lives says feng shui.

  • As far as the placement of candles is concerned as candle is a fire element, it should be placed ideally in the south, south west, north east, and the centre of the house.
  • Candle is a symbol of energy and therefore can be used for inspiration and motivational purpose. It goes a long way in reviving the stress of a person in a long way.

    Placing a candle helps, detoxify the air within our house. It takes away all the negativity and a perfumed candle also kills bad odor which can act as a mood spoiler.

  • The choice of candles for different rooms can be made depending on its colour also. For instance, you may use a red colour candle for the bedroom. It will add to the excitement of your partner and will make the room even more dramatic.
  • Place white candles in your pray areas. They are soothing and give a very holy effect. Very bright candles in the pray area will make the area look too fancy and bright and instead of helping the person meditate, it can draw away the attention.
  • But one thing should be borne in mind that whatever candle you use should be of a good quality as it is a paraffin after all and it does emit some amount toxins.

Dr Rupa Batra

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