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janamashtamiAuthor DR Rupa Batra

The smiling idols of Radha-Krishna are being adorned round the globe to celebrate Krishna Janamashtami tomorrow. Apart from the spiritual and religious significance, Vaastu discloses that Krishna and Radha pujnan on Krishna Janamashtami is very auspicious for the financial picture of the house.

Birth of Krishna represents: Finishing off negativity
The house where Krishna is given a customary birth experiences fresh flow of positive energy and negativity if drawn out from every nook and corner. The house is cleaned, in some places specially in south India, Chandan is used to add pious fragrance to the atmosphere.
At times we experience that however handsome our salary be, but unknown expenditure ruins all our saving plans and we are not able to save a single penny. This is because our house has trapped negative energies in various spots.

‘Dahi-handi’ custom represents prosperity in the house
Popularly known as Gokul ashtami in Maharashtra and specially in the tinsel town. Dahi-handi gives an opportunity to children to showcase their talent and even to earn some pocket money through that act. Dahi must be placed in an earthen vessel at home and the same should be offered to Lord Krishna, it is believed that this dahi when used as parasad tends to bring peace and happiness in the house.

Feeding cows on Janamashtami can bring you blocked payments
In case you have lot of payments which are blocked from a long time, then feeding cows on this day can help you get your hard earned money back. Cows have been considered a holy animal in our scriptures and till date cows are worshipped in most of the places in India.
The positive energy received after feeding the cows, helps release the blocked amount from the parties. The dairy requirements of the entire world are largely catered by cows and so feeding cows is like feeding the needy and the poor.

Dandiya-raas helps ease tension, improves focus on work
The couples must take part in the traditional dandiya-raas. The joy, the fun, laughter and piousness of the event helps couple come out of the professional stress and you tend to perform well in your respective jobs/business.

Krishna-Janamashtami celebrates the bond of friendship
At times close friends undertake some sort of business partnership. But finances in a relationship bring bitterness because of which the business set up as well as the relationship suffers a lot of setback! Celebrate Krishna Janamashtami to strengthen the eternal bond of friendship and experience the divine blessings help you restart your business dealings with your friend.

The divine Prasad offered to Lord Krishna empowers soul from within
Can you believe that ISKCON temples throughout the world prepare and offer 108 dishes to Lord Krishna and millions of people stand in long queues for hours to get a small bite of that prasad. Why is it so? This is because while the Prasad is prepared the Krishna volunteers keep singing the praises of Lord Krishna.


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