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kitchenWe all dream of an impeccable house and an ultra modern kitchen, don’t we? Kitchen seems to be one of the most important aspects of our house. Not only because food is cooked there, but mothers and wives also impart a part of their energy into the food and each time they serve us yummy delicacies on the plate they wish that we remain healthy and happy. So kitchen is a place which has lots of forces or energies working all at the same time.

We have fire, air and water-all elements playing a major role in our kitchen. But can you imagine if this place remains dirty with unwashed utensils lying all through the day and overnight in the sink that can lead to health hazards and is a very bad vaastu in the home.

Remedies to keep your kitchen away from negative energies

  • If you have an option, then get a separate sink for washing the utensils made outside the kitchen. Dirty utensils invite lots of bacteria and insects like cockroaches, house fly and lizards around which can be very risky!
  • If you already moved into a house or rented one where you do not have a separate sink outside for washing he utensils, then it is advisable to get a metal tub in order to dump the used utensils and while cleaning the kitchen before going to bed, that metal tub should be kept outside of your kitchen.
  • A separate tub should be used for the glass and crockery. Firstly because mixing the two can lead to unnecessary breakage of your crockery and also breaking of glass frequently is not a good sign.
  • Your utility sink in the kitchen should not be in the same platform with your gas burner. Because water and fire should not be on the same plane.
  • A regular cleaning of the shelves and various cabinets should be ensured.
  • A dustbin is a very essential element of anyone’s kitchen. A sturdy, big and one with lid should e placed in the kitchen and it should be well covered with dustbin bags so that the litter does no stick to the dustbin. This dustbin should be washed daily as a rule.
  • Disinfectants should be sprayed once every month.

Dr Rupa Batra

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