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clocksClocks are one of the most important object in your house. Clock or a watch is the first object we look at in the morning. Everything we know is related to time, whether it be our everyday routine, favourite TV serial or travel. 

Everybody is so very busy these days, that this accuracy has become so important that it is now a necessity.  People need to be on time to keep their lives in full working order.

So when a clock is so integral part of our lives, we also need to consider the right placement of clocks in our house. The clock is one of the most important devices in civilization.

  • First and foremost, we should hang the clock in the north or east direction of our rooms. Reason being that these are the two auspicious areas of energy in our house. When we leave for an interview or go out for some other important task we normally look at the clock a number of times.


  • Secondly, clocks generate vibrations with its constant working dials. This reflects the aura of the house that the life in the house is going on smoothly. But if we stock up stopped and broken watches in the house that indicates that the smooth functioning of the house has stopped. Which is not correct at all! This is the reason why it is said that the stopped clocks should be either repaired, new battery should be used or they should be disposed off.



  • Layers of dust on the clock are also an indicator of poor functioning of the house. It shows that the house is going through a tough time as does the clock.


  • Bedroom is a place where you need to relax and sleep. The clock should not be placed on the wall near your head. It emits electromagnetic waves which are harmful for your bain and eyes.



  • Clocks should not be behind the time, they should either be a bit ahead of time or on time.


  •   A clock should not be placed right in front of your door.



  • Clocks in bizarre and irregular shapes are unadvisable. Clocks should be selected in regular shapes like square, rectangle or circle.




Dr Rupa Batra

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