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story.toys.mom.pAccording to the principles of feng shui, everything in our environment has an invisible energy or ‘Chi’. If you find your child restless and complaining about ‘monsters’ at night, then you need to check her wardrobe which might have a carton filled of broken toys. Of course parents know there isn’t a monster, but there might be dust bunnies, food wrappers, dirty laundry, broken toys, and torn comic books lying under the bed or in the room. All of these items combine to have an invisible energy aura that can be very scary!

Everything in your home creates a vibration or energy which is either good or bad Chi that can affect how you think and feel. Combine the mood and physical health-altering affects of Chi with a child’s overactive imagination and you can see where the idea of scary monsters comes from!

Feng-shui tips for your child’s room:

  • The room should be clean with minimum clutter
  • Create two or three cartons with lids and label them as-clothes, toys and stationary. Try putting in all the things at the right place such that room looks neat and tidy at the end of the day.
  • Picture a boy’s bedroom with a racecar bed as the main feature. Imagine the walls painted fire engine red, the ceiling plastered with glow-in-the dark stars, and a life-size Buzz Lightyear poster on the wall. Is it possible for anyone to get a sound sleep in such a room? Subtle shades and décor should be used in kids room.
  • Avoid having the foot of the bed pointing out the door. This can lead to a sense of insecurity.
  • Ensure the child can see the door while lying in bed. This helps them feel more secure.
  • Do not place the head of the bed against a wall that holds the electrical panel (to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy).
  • A wooden bed is preferred to one made of metal. If the bed is metal, ensure that no electrical cords touch it.
  • The bed should have a head and footboard.
  • If you have a bed with storage drawers underneath then try and store only soft toys and sleep-related items and avoid sharp or pointed objects. .
  • If possible, avoid bunkbeds. They have oppressive chi and can make a child feel trapped.
  • Choose pastels and other light colours to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

To wrap it all, do away with electronics from your child’s room this includes televisions, computers and electronic games and you will see the results.


Dr Rupa Batra

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