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dolphinsJust with the mention of the word Dolphin, we imagine the picture of a dolphin happily playing with a colourful ball. Dolphins have always been connected with happiness, joy, liveliness and warmth.

Science has proved that Dolphins have amazing grasping and memorizing skills, they can for see, they have excellent communication powers, they are excellent at performing elaborate tasks.

As per reports, there have been instances when dolphins have rescued people from drowning.

In Feng shui as well, Dolphins are considered very lucky and are considered to bring in lots of fortune and positive chi.

  • The intelligence of dolphins, their playfulness and cheerfulness, its built-in cute smile and sparkling eyes have been a source of motivation and happiness for people round the globe. Dolphin jumping through the water is a sign of success and change. You may place the picture or some showpiece depicting the dolphin in the jumping position for success or some sort of change.
  • Dolphins are fishlike and have hairless bodies. They are powerful and this energy helps them drive through the water. Therefore a painting or a crystal showpiece of dolphin imparts good chi in the house.
  • Dolphins constantly keep shedding their skins, and this is the reason they do not accumulate any external parasites. A lively picture of a dolphin in the room of a person suffering from some illness will definitely add joy and erase all dullness from his or her mind.
  • Picture of a mother and child dolphin is very common for couples expecting a child.
  • Dolphin playing with a ball is a good picture for the kids room. This will develop the sporting attitude among kids.

Dr Rupa Batra

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