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wireYou are in the habit of preserving the old mobile phones, broken chargers, useless ipads, music systems. But do you also know that these items generate bad energy in the house? Such useless electronic equipments not just create litter in the house, they also obstruct good and positive energy to circulate in your home.

If you are looking for a solution then you have definitely come to the right place.

Our bedroom cabinets will certainly have mobile chargers of various companies, all of us are in the habit of preserving these charges for later use. But once we do not use the phone then the question of using the charger of that particular company does not come into question. Then why at all keep it?

Here we tell you what to do with these electronic items dumped in your house which creates a bad vaastu for you

  • If not in use, you may dispose the electronic items like broken chargers, batteries and other such accessories.
  • At times we have lots of electronic clutter in the kitchen too, for instance we have dumped toasters, hand blenders and jars after purchasing new ones. So when we have already purchased new ones, then it should be developed as a habit to give away such stuff to someone who needs it or they should be disposed away. Not only do they create unnecessary mess, they also act as a barrier in free flow of positive energy in the house.
  • If you wish to keep these things presuming you may have to use them in the future then you need to keep them properly. Electronic gadgets which are currently not in use in your house should be properly placed in a paper carton. This will ensure that any sort of electromagnetic waves are checked and controlled there itself.
  • Wires of various appliances and gadgets should not be mingled together. This shows that the affairs of the house are also in a jumbled-up state.
  • Also, placing all the electronic equipments at one place will make your house more managed and will save time when you would require any of these articles.
  • This carton should be kept in the store room and not in any of the bedrooms. As I have mentioned in my previous posts that bedroom is a place where we need to take rest. So this place should be free of any kind of electronic clutter.
  • This carton should not be placed in the kitchen at all. Kitchen itself has lots of high energy things like microwave, grinder and the stove itself! So this box should be avoided there. It may lead to many turbulences in the house.


Dr Rupa Batra

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