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We all go through phases in our life when we run short of money and paying monthly bills becomes an uphill task. We try everything under the sun to raise our income, but our efforts do not always pay off. Did you ever think about figuring out why you are facing the problems despite working hard and giving your best? The answer may lie in the energy that surrounds you, either at home or your workplace. Balancing energy and ensuring it is positive and flowing smoothly can make all the difference to your financial circumstances. Monetary growth is possible by introducing certain Vaastu concepts to your home or your work space.


How do you store your money?


Money that’s lying around at home needs to be stored inside a cupboard that is located either towards the south or south west of your home, as per Vaastu Shastra principles. This again needs to open up towards the North direction. Avoid obstructions of any kind in the North direction. In Vaastu, the North direction is associated with wealth and is said to be ruled by Lord Kuber, the god of wealth. It’s important to appease him and seek his blessings for long term financial stability.


Blockages in the North direction


Not all of us can afford to switch homes depending upon the principles of Vaastu Shastra. There are times when we have to make do with what we already have and fix the situation to the best of our abilities. If your house happens to have obstructions in the North direction, what you can do is introduce a water element to attract wealth. An aquarium or a water fountain is found to be a good solution for attracting wealth, as per Vaastu Shastra.


Avoid Stagnation


While water is considered to be an integral part of our lives and it represents movement and energy, the effect is not the same when you let it stagnate. Never let water to stagnate, as it’s likely to create negative energy and lead to financial losses. It should flow freely and must get replaced with fresh water for you to experience the vaastu benefits associated with this element. Never place a fountain in the south east area of the house.




The south direction is represented by fire and the placement of water bodies like tubewells, underwater tanks, etc. douse the fire element and create inauspicious energy where finances are concerned. The North-east direction can be optimized by placing a water fountain here. This applies in the case of offices too. The south west direction should belong to the owner of the house, as this portion of the house represents authority and should be optimized well for stable financial growth. Apart from the owner taking up the south west room, this is a direction that needs balance. It should be used for all your storage related requirements and never be left open.


Hopefully, these tips will come in handy and see you through financial crunches. For further Vaastu guidance and specific vaastu remedies to your financial problems, consult me over the phone or email. Personalized remedies always yield much better results.


Dr.Rupa Batra



Dr Rupa Batra

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