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mystic knotKnot as the word suggests, represents tying something. It can be tying two objects or even tying two people or two relationships. Not just Chinese, but in Indian religion too, knot plays a very significant role. When two people get married, a portion of their clothes or stole is tied together representing a bond which is impossible to break.
In Feng shui too, the mystic knot represents a full and happy life which is filled with good fortune. It is considered a very popular gift in feng shui.
Pan Chang knot
The feng shui mystic knot is also known as Pan Chang knot in Chinese. The mystic knot is a combination of infinity symbols knotted six times. This is the reason why the mystic knot is known as the endless or eternal knot. In Buddhism, this mystic knot is considered very sacred and is one of the most revered symbols out of the 8 magical auspicious symbols in Buddhism. It shows no particular beginning and no specific ending, thereby reflecting the true philosophy of Buddhism of countless and endless rounds of birth and again rebirth.
Evolution from the Naga

Speculations are made as to the origin of this knot. It is believed that the knot might have evolved from the Naga, which is a very ancient symbol representing two intertwined snakes. The image of dueling snake is very dramatic presentation of two very strong yet opposite forces in life. One, the good and second the evil force. Like the Yin and the Yang. These two forces are united presenting unity in diversity in the universe.

Few studies believe that these intertwining lines also represent present, past and the future. That are like a never-ending cycle of cause and effect in everyone’s life. This is the reason why this knot is so revered as it is a powerful tool to remind people that the past, present and future are all interconnected. The present is important as it actually becomes our past and future is nothing bit what we do in our present.

Feng shui, believes that this mystic knot represents a continuous, uninterrupted flow of harmonious and auspicious energy which is free of any kind of accidents, misfortune and setbacks. This symbol, therefore is used for abundance, love and longevity. This knot is very popular in fancy wind chimes, in making a clasp for a ladies purse or to make a beautiful pendant for a lovely necklace.
Rubbing the knot may help reduce anger
Feng shui believes that rubbing this sacred knot brings down feeling of anger and mistrust.


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