Feng Shui Products

Global Vaastu provides Feng Shui products for your health and wealth as we have a unique feng shui store in India. Feng Shui items help bringing prosperity to you. We have Mandarian Dove, Wind Chime, Shree Yantra, Tortoise Crystal (Kachua), Convex Mirror, Kubera and many more in the form of Feng Shui products.
Feng Shui Tips
Feng Shui Tips
Feng Shui Tips
Mandarian Dove
Place as a pair in South-West corner of the bedroom for harmony between couple.
INR 950
$ 22
Tortoise Crystal (Kachua )
Place it on the north side of the dining room to ensure prosperity
and success.
INR 850
$ 20
Convex Mirror 
Place it outside the home to get rid of the effect of T-Point, electric poles, fitter pillar, huge building in front of your home or office.
INR 3000
$ 62

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Feng Shui Items
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Wind Chime
Place wind chimes for good opportunities in your home and office.
INR. 1500
$ 30
Shree Yantra 
Shree Yantra brings with it wealth and wisdom, peace and prosperity, grandeur and glory, virtue and valor and shields against danger, disease, despair and disaster.
INR 550
$ 14
Place the photograph of the
Kubera at your worship place for prosperity.
INR 700
$ 16