Feng Shui Services

Global Vaastu  offers on-site consultations for Feng-shui remedies to balance life changing energies. The remedial products to the related services are available at Global Vaastu office.

On site Feng-shui Colour schemes, changes in orientation  and arrangement of furnitures and other objects obstructing the  positive energy flow and other remedies without re-construction.

Luck, Love, Success, Family Relations, Education of your child, name and fame and much more to be enhanced with the feng-shui products.


We offer following services related to Feng-Shui:

  • Colour scheme management
  • Furniture orientation and arrangement
  • Installation of Feng-shui Products for Success, Family relation and others
  • Analysis of Change requirements based of Orientation of Property
  • Analysis of Change requirements based of your Date of birth
  • Analysis of Changes as per energy enhancements required
  • Analysis of Bad energy causing objects.
  • Analysis of life obstructing objects.
  • Analysis and Planing of Life Events


While the Expert is in discussion for your for Life changing  remedies:-

  • Ensure writing material is handy while discussion of remedies and changes.
  • Please avoid appointments coinciding the consultants visit time.
  • Avoid mobile or telephones, which may distract your orientation for solutions.
  • Decision making family member should be present at the time of visit.
  • Keep ready Date of birth (Kundali) of the members of family.
  • Try to Clear all your doubts on the site while discussion.
  • Ensure a complete list of issues that need our expert attention.