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SONY DSCCome December and we can already hear the Christmas bells ringing. Christmas brings with it joy, laughter, fun, Santa and the Christmas tree itself! Christmas tree has always been one of the most crucial aspect about celebrating Christmas.

Why not make use of feng shui tips and benefit the most from our auspicious Christmas tree. Let’s take a look at the placement of the tree.

  • While decorating a Christmas tree it should be taken care that too much of red means introducing lots of fire element. This needs to be balanced. Feng shui has always laid importance on the power of striking a balance. Your Christmas tree should have a good balance of dark and light colours. Introducing water element colour (blue) and the metal element colour which is (white) can bring about a perfect balance in your Christmas tree.


  • As the tree basically is a wood element, so the Christmas tree should be placed where the energy is compatible with the wood element. For instance, you should not keep the Christmas tree near the kitchen. Because kitchen has lots of fire element and fire destroys the wood element.


  • You may also decide the placement of Christmas tree depending on what energy you would like to have in the house this year. For instance South direction represents fame and reputation, east is for health and for your family and southeast is for money.


  • The decorative items should not make the tree look messy or over done as clutter is the word which takes away all good energies. The choice of decorative items should be wel thought for and within limits.


  • Flowers specially the fragrant flowers can be used to keep the house fresh and to attract more of good energy. Artificial flowers should be avoided. Not only do they look dead but they also make your preparations look like a quick-fix. And moreover they are not able to bring in the good energy.


  • Using lovely candles while decorating your house for Christmas can be a great idea. Not only do they look beautiful, but the warmth of the candle will drive away any sort of negativity from the house.


  • Feng Shui places a lot of importance to the act of giving something to the needy. This act fills us with a lot of good energy. It is a good idea to get gifts for your family members and your friends but you should also allocate some amount for giving gifts to people in need. This is one method to bring a smile not just on someone else’s face but on your face as well.


Dr Rupa Batra

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