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fu-dogWell do you have plans of setting up new offices or putting up a new factory this new year? Then these feng shui fu dogs can be of great help for you.

Fu dogs also called as Chinese guardian lions in Chinese is a type of lion. The statues of guardian lions have been long since guarding the Chinese regal monuments like palaces, tombs, government buildings etc.

It is believed that a pair of these guarding lions also known as foo dogs in west, have immense power to protect.

The lions are usually in pairs. The male lion or the male guardian angel rests its front paw on an embroidered ball. This shows control over the world. While the female lion is represented with a playful cub on her back showing motherhood and nature.

The best placement of these fu dogs or the guardian angels is at the entrance. These fu dogs are popular in restaurants, shopping malls, offices, factories and even homes.

These fu dogs can also be placed inside. But the most important fact which needs to be remembered is that it should placed in pairs only.

It is rather interesting that the lion is not an animal native to China. According to historians travelers used to bring stories about lions as a Buddhist protector of Dharma, and thereafter statues of lions were made in feng shui as per the travelers’ descriptions.

It is an ideal gift for opening of showrooms, malls, restaurants, or new offices. You can also present them on home warming parties and get-togethers.

You can also purchase key rings, showpieces and paintings of fu dogs for your homes and offices.


Dr Rupa Batra

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