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guru purnimaGuru Purnima is a very sacred festival in India as the roots of the Indian culture have always laid emphasis on paying due respect to your teacher. A very famous Indian saying goes like this “…guru gobind duo khade kake lagu paye. Balihari guru aapne gobind diyo bataye” meaning “whom should you bow down and pay your regards first-your teacher or the God himself. So whenever there is any doubt, first bow down and touch the feet of your teacher and show him your gratitude because it is he who told you about God!” So this is the esteem with which teachers are showered in India.

The legend has it that Gautam Budhdha gave his first sermon on this day at Sarnath, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. While this day is also important as Yogic system believes that it was on this say that Shiva-who is the supreme power gave the knowledge of the universe to Saptarishis (seven sages). In many parts of the nation, this day is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of the great sage Vyasa.

Astrological significance behind celebrating Guru Purnima on this day

If we break the word guru into two words gu-ru then we will come to know that in Sanskrit gu means darkness and ru means the one who removes all darkness. So guru or the teacher is the one who removes all our doubts, misconceptions, ushers in a whole new world in front of us. This day is celebrated on poornima or on the full moon day. Full moon is an indication of presence of light even at night which is the darkest moment of the day.

Celebrations in schools/colleges and institutes

Throughout the length and breadth of the nation, events will be organized to show respect to the teachers. The importance which is attached to the title of a teacher in India can be ascertained with the fact that day before yesterday that is on July 27th, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam passed away and in his memory government declared October 15th as the World Student day only because he missed not a single opportunity to teach something valuable to students not just in India but across the globe.

Positive vibrations is the best gift to your teacher

Students move out and at times are not able to meet their teachers on this day. I would like to emphasizes that the best gift which students can give to their teachers in today’s world is positive vibrations. The maximum pollution which is prevalent these days is that of ill feelings. People are very smart and manipulative enough to curse you from inside but to speak good about you from the outside. We should stay away from it as vibrations have the tendency of coming back to us. So the best way of showing gratitude to your teacher is to give him or her lots of good vibrations. Vibrations of peace, health, prosperity and contentment!

Happy Guru Purnima to all!

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