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makar sankrantiWhat is Makar sankranti? Many of us know that answer that it is a Hindu festival celebrated in order to mark a good harvest across India.

Makar Sankranti literally means the movement of Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara or Capricorn. We celebrate it on January 14 as this is the day on which the sun begins to rise in the Makara Rashi and Sankranti means ‘to enter’.

Makar Sankranti is also popularly known as Pongal in South and as Maghi in Northern parts of India. It is a festival which is all about eating sweets normally made of gur or jaggery. Kites flying is quite popular on this day.


But most importantly this day marks the peak of winters and is an informal way of saying good bye to harsh winter winds.


Now since this is practically the first festival of our calendar, we need to make sure that our house is in perfect order to welcome this first festival.


First and foremost I would like to say that the moment winters set in, may people fond of knitting start knitting pullovers, socks or gloves and at times when they are not able to take out time, they end up keeping the half knitted stuff back in the almirah. But one should not do this at all.


Half knitted or even half stitched clothes, demarcate that we have a tendency of starting a project and then leaving it midway which will not have a good impact on the environment of our house.


The kitchen should be spic and span on this day as the farmers celebrate this day giving respect to the farm produce which is eventually cooked in our kitchens. So our kitchens should be very clean.


Curtains play a major role in every house. During summers we normally pull the curtains to allow sun and light to enter the house. During winters we mostly draw the curtains to hide any sort of winds coming from outside. But these curtains carry a lot of dust and this dust is passed over in the house, making the environment of the house unhealthy. So it should be ensured that the curtains are at least dusted if not washed often during winters and specially on some festive occasion.




Dr Rupa Batra

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