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baisakhiBaisakhi is a festival of warmth, of harvest, of happiness, of new hopes and new beginnings. People not just in the state of Punjab but in other parts of the nation, celebrate the harvest, celebrate the efforts put in by them and thank the nature for supporting them in their hard work. But whether it be farming or harvesting the fields, any sort of agricultural activity is incomplete without its livestock. Cows, buffalo, goats, sheep, dogs etc all play a very vital role in the entire process.

Being a vaastu and feng shui expert, I feel that we can achieve our targets only when we learn to care for the animals and natural forces like water, air, fire and soil without which anything is not possible.

So on the beautiful eve of Baisakhi here in this blog, I would share the right vaastu for your live stock so that we provide them the right atmosphere and I turn they feel healthy and content staying with us.

Ancient texts on Vastu, like Vrahamihir Samhita, give very specific guidelines as to the direction in which one should provide space to the animals like dogs, cows, cats, elephants, parrots etc. 

First and foremost the cattle sheds should be built to the western and southern portion of the agricultural land.

Dry grass of fodder for the cattle can be stored to the south, north-west or in the west direction.

It should be noted that the waste material can be placed on the south-east or on the south or west or on the south-west corner but it is not necessary to dig a pit for this reason.

According to vaastu, cows, buffalo and dogs should be given a shed ideally in north, NorthWest, east or North, East or even SouthEast. They will be content and cheerful in these directions.


Any sort of fire area should be away from the shed of the animals. First, the fire area will emit a lot of heat and second, animals are quite scared of fire.


Number of times, it is found that the animals fall sick very often and the reason remains a puzzle. During those times, it can be very vital for you if you just check the direction in which they usually rest. If they tend to sit in a direction which is not good as per vaastu, they might feel lazy, dull and less energetic.


Also, it is extremely important to keep the area where the animals stay, neat and clean. For the reason that dirt gives rise to lot of negativity and this negativity will have bad effects for the health of animals too.








Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

So, what do you think ?

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