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carpThe annual monster that seems to scare children and parents at this time of the year is about to bid adieu. I am taking about the final exams which are about to wrap up. After the exams are over, it is time for new books, fresh bag, fancy stationary and a new class, a new start and a new challenge.

Getting new books and note books is not the only way in which we prepare ourselves for the coming session. We need to be mentally prepared that a new beginning means, not repeating the same mistakes, creating new and achievable targets and forgetting the past, no matter what.

What can be the best reminder of a challenging and successful journey than that of a Feng shui carp? Feng Shui Carp is basically a fish which is associated with strength, consistency and success. Chinese respect nature and its symbols like no one else in this world. This is the reason feng shui has numerous symbols of nature which represent different aspects and virtues of a human life.

Carp has a very interesting legend attached to it. It is said that the carp is revered for its bravery and strength as it swam against the currents. Some legends also have it that carp has the magical powers bestowed by mothernature, due to which it is able to convert itself in to a dragon while it makes its final leap over the rapid currents.

Similarly when a child progresses from one class to another, she or he needs to be consistent. The course will be much more than their earlier class, like the way, a carp comes in contact with waves which are much higher and stronger than it encountered earlier but it still tries to give in its best. Moreover fishes always have the fear of other harmful creatures of the water world but it just does not give up. It swims across all the good and bad of the sea and emerges with flying colours.

The picture of a carp can be placed in front of the child’s study table.

It can be placed in his or her bedroom, as the child will definitely spend a lot of time there.

South-east is preferably the best position to keep the picture or statue of a carp.

The most prized form of carp is the twin golden carp swimming on top of golden coins.


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