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baguaWhenever we purchase a new house, we almost put in most of our savings and invest a lot in our dream home. We conduct bhoomi pujan and ghreh pravesh the moment we shift. But this puja is done in order to keep the atmosphere inside the house good and free of any negativity. But have you ever wondered the kind of vibrations which come from outside.

We may have a hospital, a graveyard, a deserted house or some accursed building we may be unaware of as we are new to that particular locality or area. So in order strictly keep the negative vibrations away from your house. You should have a feng shui bagua.

The literal meaning of the word Bagua is “8 areas.” It is a Chinese word and concept native to this nation. A bagua is a very important tool in Feng Shui. This octagonal devise is extensively used protecting against very dangerous energies which are also called as ‘shar chi’ in feng shui.

These are a kind of poisonous arrows come from places like graveyard, hospital, police stations, the T zones or sharp-edged areas outside your home. The result of the shar chi can include deteriorating relationships, poor health, some accident, ailment or demotion and other similar mishaps.

Various bagua areas are as follows. You may place the bagua depending on the area which is getting affected in your life:

  • North
    Element: Water
    Colors: Blue and Black
    Life aspect: Career growth in life


  • Northeast
    Feng Shui Element: Earth
    Colors: Beige, Light Yellow, and Earthy
    Life aspect: Spiritual development


  • East.Element: Wood
    Colors: Green and brown
    Life Aspect: Health


  • Southeast
    Feng Shui Element: Wood
    Colors: Brown and Green
    Life aspect: Money and prosperity


  • South
    Feng Shui Element: Fire
    Colors: Red, Orange, Purple, Life Aspect: Fame & Reputation


  • Southwest
    Element: Earth
    Colors: Beige, Light Yellow, Life aspect: Love, marriage, family


  • West
    Feng Shui Element: Metal
    Colors: White
    Life Aspect: Children


  • Northwest Feng Shui Element: Metal
    Colors: White and Gray
    Life Area: Travel



Dr Rupa Batra

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