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Tulsi is considered an auspicious plant not just from religious point of view but also from medicinal point of view. A leaf or two in the tea and you ca cure common cold, you need to add it to the prasad you make for any puja or ritual, a tulsi plant acts as a purifier as it clears the negativity from the house.

So when we decide to get this beautiful plant in our homes we also need to be very clear about its maintenance and its placement in the house as per vaastu.

  • This is not just a delicate plant but is also auspicious too. The first and foremost thing to be taken care of is that if you have a busy schedule and do not get time to take care of the plants in the house then you should not consider placing a tulsi plant as it is a very sacred plant as per our scriptures and should be taken care of properly for positive vibrations.  Plant should be placed where you get proper sunlight and should be watered properly. If neglected and not taken care of, can have negative impacts too.
  • Tulsi or Basil plant is most powerful and auspicious plant. It should be planted in the north or north-east direction of the balcony or window.
  • The best part about Tulsi is that it can be grown at the front or in the backyard of the house.
  • The choice of plants to be placed at the sides of the tulsi, also play a major role. Tulsi is basically considered a female plant and thereby, cactus and thorny plants should not be kept next to tulsi. Flowering plants can be kept in close vicinity of the tulsi plant and this will ensure health and happiness in the house.
  • Tulsi plant should always be kept in odd numbers like three or five.
  • Tulsi also plays a pivotal role in mending any vaastu defect. If in any corner of the house tulsi is placed, it can act as a purifier and will remove any vaastu defect, as mentioned earlier. It will not only clear the air but will also send positive vibrations to the entire house.
  • It should be checked that there is no clutter around the tulsi plant and ideally shoes should be taken off. Shoes carry a lot of dirt and dust from the outside and can affect the sanctity of the plant.
  • At times people throw the broom or the mopping stuff near the tulsi plant. This should be strictly checked and controlled.

But one thing which should be kept in mind is that mercury also has elements of mercury which is why it should not be chewed, but rather swallowed as the mercury element can destroy your teeth enamel.

Dr Rupa Batra

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