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directionAuthor: Dr Rupa Batra

If we simply break the word vaastu into (vaas and tu) so vaas means a dwelling place and tu means you or the human being. So vaastu is basically the science of creating a balance between the physical house in relation to the five elements of nature (earth, water, air, sun and fire) so that a balance is created which can help the human being enjoy his dwelling place. In olden days when a compass was not invented, people used to use the shadow of sun in order to understand directions.


But there are a number of misconceptions regarding something very basic in Vaastu like the exact status of directions in Vaastu. As children we have grown up understanding that there are broadly four directions (North, South, East and West). But Vaastu tells us that in total there are 10 directions. Even our Vedas and Purans are filled with words like dashrath, daso dishaon ke maharathi and so on. So it is quite evident that basically if we go by vaastu there are 10 directions.


Four basic directions are:

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West


Later still we have four sub directions
• Northeast which is also known as (Ishan). This is the mid or the center point of South and East directions.
• Southeast which is also known as (Agneya). This direction is the midpoint of South and East directions.
• Southwest also known as (Nirutya). This is the centre of South and West directions.
• Northwest (Vayaya) In the center of North and West.

Now this makes 8 directions. What about the rest two directions? Well in order to understand this, just imagine that you are standing on a chair. Now just feel the flow of air from all the directions with your hands. Once you are done with all the 8 directions, look up into the sky and you will experience air as if falling right under your head and similarly air from the ground touching your feet from under the chair!


These are the two hidden directions of vaastu-known as Space and Patal.


So there are in all 10 directions if we consider vaastu and each of these directions have a lot of impact on the five elements of nature with respect to human beings. While getting any structure, be it office, house, school, hospital or just any building constructed, these directions and their implications should surely be taken into consideration.


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