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Delhi assembly poll is the hot topic not just on TV screens and news channels but also in most of the houses. Election time is a moment of a lot of hullaballoo in India. Channels are afloat with controversies, political scandals, financial scandals and a dirty blame game is at its peak till the time the leader is not announced.
Politics is quite like chess-one wrong move and you lose the battle. Remember Rahul Gandhi’s interview last year with Arnab Goswami which sparked off controversies to such an extent that congress witnessed a defeat like never before? That’s the reason why it becomes very essential for politicians to take the right vaastu measures to operate from offices/buildings which do not allow negative energies from affecting them adversely. Renowned Vasstu expert – Dr. Rupa Batra has some essential inputs on this matter:
First and foremost, in case your party office is in the T point or T zone then you need to immediately change this office. This is not at all a good location for having a building where you need to concentrate on programmes for the development of the society as this direction emits lots of negativities.
The party volunteers play a major role in strengthening and promoting the party’s ideas and philosophy. While deciding the right vaastu for your party office, seating of volunteers also plays a major role. Volunteers should be provided an area in the office so that they face EAST or NORTH.
If you are contesting for the elections then see to it that your cabin is in the SOUTH-WEST direction and you should face EAST. This should be a thumb rule. SOUTH-WEST direction ensures stability, consistency and growth. Also, your bedroom at your residence should be in the Southwest direction. Reason being that you may be required to operate from your house, a number of times.
The main entrance of your office should be in the EAST. This is the direction of sun. It goes without saying that life is impossible without the presence of sun. Sun represents power, life, positivity. Therefore having an entrance in east will help feel any sort of negativity away.
You need to be watchful that the NORTH-WEST should not be elevated, it should not be cut or distorted. If your north-west has vaastu defects then people in your own party may start cheating on you.
It should be ensured that the north of the office should be in accordance with vaastu as this area is connected with finances. If in any manner NORTH is not up to the mark, then you can encounter financial problems as this area is connected with the flow of money.
The material required for canvassing during elections should be stored in the NORTH-WEST direction. This direction ensured that the products kept there are dispersed efficiently and yields results.
Picture of the person who is about to contest the elections should be placed on the east or north-east wall of the room.
Directions and their relevance
East is connected with your reputation.
North direction represents financial status
South is associated with authority and position
South-east affects health and mental peace
South-west is a very important direction, with respect to stability and peace in life. Any sort of vaastu defect in south-west should be immediately checked.
Any vaastu defect in these areas will lead to problems which these directions exhibit.

Dr Rupa Batra

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