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coffeeA well prepared vegetable sandwich can be far more appealing than spicy chole-bahutre which have not been cooked well. Our food choices go a great deal in deciding whether we can lose weight or not. But right energy and right vaastu is a great factor in deciding whether the food which is cooked carries the right energy or not. We can even invite a fleet of ailments if Vaastu of our kitchen is not in keeping with the age old tried and tested Vaastu rules!

Let’s take a look at vaastu fundamentals for kitchen:

Ideal Vaastu direction for kitchen is south-east
South east is the direction of fire. This vaastu direction supports any activity which is related to using fire as an element. Infact while getting a kitchen planned, the stove must also be placed in south east direction. This will also ensure that no accidents take place.
North-west can be your second best choice if you are planning an ideal kitchen
North-west is the direction of wind. Since fire element is not possible without wind, this direction is also suitable for planning a safe and ideal kitchen.

Kitchen must not be planned below a washroom
One of the reasons for continuous health problems in house is a kitchen which is planned below the washroom. Having a kitchen which also shares a wall with a toilet is also inauspicious. In such a case, you must use Vaastu pyramids which are extremely powerful in absorbing negative energies which emerge due to Vaastu dosha. But a competent Vaastu expert must be consulted before placing vaastu pyramids.

North East is not ideal for kitchen
At times people confuse that north-east which is also known as Ishaan in vaastu shastra is ideal for constructing a kitchen as north-east is one of the most significant and divine of all directions. This directions is ruled by God Shiva and is ideal for placement of puja ghar. But a kitchen must not be planned in this direction as according to vaastu, this is the direction of Land or Earth and both go against the power of Fire. Both do not let fire sustain for long.
Kitchen should not be a store room of unwanted utensils
Now this point is applicable to almost all of us! We keep hoarding utensils which we do not even use for years together. Do not block energies in your kitchen by hoarding utensils which are not used for many days. This leads to blockage of energy and creates thoughts of confusion and guilt in the person who is cooking food.

Wash basin and stove must not be in same direction
Usually people get washbasins and stove built in the same direction. But they must not be in the same level. Reason being that both are each others’ diffuser or destructor. These vaastu guidelines may seem very simple but our books on vaastu suggest that they have very strong and deep impact on our lives.


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