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moneyNew year has just reached and is knocking at our doors. Each one of us has lots of expectations for the new year. We put in lots of efforts to succeed in our personal and professional life too. But there are things which do not work in our favour at times.

In today’s world earning money is not that big an issue as is accumulating and saving the money. The moment our salary comes, it just disappears into thin air within no time.

So the demand of today is to attract money and to keep it accumulated. Here feng shui can be very helpful for you. The feng shui money frog is a symbol which has been used in China form ages to attract wealth.

Now it is being used around the world to attract wealth and prosperity.

Here I would discuss the importance of keeping a money frog and its placement and advantages:

The actual feng shui wealth frog is a mythological creature and it has three legs. So before purchasing make sure that the frog has three legs and it is most commonly holding onto gold coins.

Ideally the money frog should be placed in a place where you feel that your money is safe and secured.

Another place where you can keep the money frog is the entrance but the face of the frog should be towards the inside of the house.

The money frog should not be kept directly on the floor as the floor tends to get dirty very soon and it is considered as disrespectful as you would introduce the money frog for good lucky and prosperity.

The direction and placement of money frog should not be changed every second day. It would affect the stability of the income in the house.

The money frog should be kept in odd numbers in the house. Like 1,, 3 and so on.

Try not to gift the money frog. It would mean that you are gifting a part of your good luck.

Dr Rupa Batra

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