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keyHave you ever imagined how troublesome it would be for you if you lost your car keys, safe keys and keys of the house? Half opened locks, jammed locks, unused keys are a bad feng shui in the house. Not only do they create useless clutter but also create lots of bad energy in the house.

Know more about the placement and treatment of unused locks and keys.

Reasons why you should NOT store jammed and useless locks and keys

  • A proper key stand should be purchased and all the keys which are used almost daily should be properly hanged on to the stand. Bunch of keys lying carelessly on the dining table, on top of your microwave, on a chair in the lobby or in the kids room gives a clear cut impression that the residents of the house are careless for their valuables. This can create negative energy in the minds of people visiting the house.
  • Useless keys should be discarded as they not only create unnecessary metallic clutter in the house but they also indicate loss of money in the house.
  • The key stand should preferably e placed in the master bed room of the grandparents specially in the north or east zone. This indicates a strong message that the keys are fully guarded by the head of the house and that all the major decisions are still taken by the parents.
  • Locks should never be kept in the half open position.
  • Jammed locks indicate some negativity in the house so they should be disposed off.
  • Donating a useless pair of lock and key to someone in need is a good gesture as per vaastu.
  • Keys should have a key-chain preferably in wood. This will balance the metallic energy of the key. Whereas metallic key chains will add on to unnecessary energy to the key making it even heavier. God images should be avoided, but symbols can be used like those of ‘OM’ or feng shui. Broken key chain should be replaced.
  • Rusted locks and keys and even the broken ones should be thrown away instantly.
  • The key chains are used to clean ear! This is one thing which should NOT be done at all as per vaastu. We tend to use that dirty key again and again. These are the things which actually create a lot of negative energy around us.

Dr Rupa Batra

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