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japanThe voting age in Japan has reduced from 20 to 18. This decision will finally bring Japan which is a power centre in sync with other developed nations where the voting age is already 18. Not just this, this will pull in added 2.4 million voters of the age group 18-19. This first set lucky youth is expected to cast their secret ballot in the summer of 2016. In India, the 61st Amendment Act 1988 had reduced the voting age to 18 (which was earlier 20).

A poll conducted by a survey agency A majority of the people who will become eligible to vote when the voting age drops to 18 from 20 next June, intend to cast ballots in next summer’s pivotal Upper House election, an online survey conducted by Kyodo News found.

Japan had last altered its voting rights from 25 to after its surrender in the World War Two. Well this reduction in the age for taking a very crucial public decision indicates towards something more deeper than just giving the right to the youth. It is actually about respecting the beliefs of the youth who were earlier referred to as ‘kids’ .

Feng-shui tips for your child’s study room:

  • Study room should be in the north-east, east and west direction of the house.
  • The room should be clean with minimum clutter
  • Create two or three cartons with lids and label them as-clothes, toys and stationary. Try putting in all the things at the right place such that room looks neat and tidy at the end of the day.
  • The child must face east or towards north while studying.
  • The study room should have proper lights. Dim lights are a big NO-NO.
  • The student should not face blank walls
  • The study table should be a square or a rectangle. Tables with fancy shapes should be avoided.
  • Having the image of goddess saraswati in the study room is very auspicious
  • A pyramid should be kept on the study table as it balances the energies
  • Subtle shades should be selected for the study rooms.
  • The book shelf should not be placed on top of the study table.

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