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storage-boxesYou are a complete health freak. You have replaced milk tea with green tea for yourself, and for kids you have replaced the regular maggi with oats maggi and you take all necessary measures to keep your family healthy. But however hard you try, you end up taking kids to a child specialist every now and then for frequent fevers and ailments and you seem to spend a major portion of your salary on your family’s medicines.  Well unknowingly you might have placed your first-aid box or the medicine kit in the kitchen closet. If so, then you need to instantly remove the medicines from your kitchen.

Kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house as food is cooked over there and without food we cannot imagine our lives. It is an area where lots of strong fragrances of spices like turmeric, chilli, ginger, garlic play a major role.

So in such a place if the odor of medicines like Pudin hara, digene,  Paracetamol and Vicks start emitting their strong odors then it affects the health quotient of the food and transmit lot of negative energies.

Steps you need to take right away to cut down the continuous medical bills of your family:

  • The medicines should be removed from the kitchen instantly.
  • Medicines should be kept in the north-east zone of the house.
  • We try to dump unused medicines presuming we might use them in the future. And this is in a way results in inviting illness in our homes. Try purchasing smaller packages of medicines and syrups and less number of tablets such that you do not have to store medicines. Storing medicines in a way indicate inviting illness.   
  • If you have stuff like wheel chairs lying idle then you can consider donating them in some hospital.
  • Open dustbins, waste paper and broom in the kitchen also bring illness at home.
  •  Underground tank in SW lead to anxiety, depression etc.
  • Vaastu defect in SE gives liver and jaundice diseases.
  • Health hazards take place if there is common wall between toilet and kitchen.
  •  If there is Vaastu defect in West, then a problem in nervous system and diseases of nerves might take place.


Dr Rupa Batra

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