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As a vaastu expert I have experienced that things around us have energy to change the way humans think. An energy exchange is required from both the sides so that things can actually work for our favour. Like for instance a table in the living room can serve the purpose of offering water, snacks etc to the guests while the same table if kept in passage way can be a troublesome for everyone.

Mirrors are a powerful medium of charging your subconscious mind
Everything is a belief system. Strong affirmations like ‘I am fat’, I am very lazy, I am incapable, I am financially unstable are all weak affirmations which at times get into our subconscious level. Either they were injected into us by our parents, close friends, teachers or other people around. But we can ALWAYS change these belief systems. And mirrors are a perfect way to do so.

Mirrors help multiply the energy. Whenever you feel depressed just stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself that ‘I am a very stable and strong person’, ‘I am ready and positive for all the change that future holds for me.’ In no time, mirror will spread these positive vibrations in the entire atmosphere.

Where to use mirrors

Mirrors must be used effectively in kitchen/dining area
Kitchen is one place where the entire house gets its daily dose of physical energy. But guess what? You can place oval, circle shaped mirrors in the kitchen and cook your food with meditational music on. Mirrors will help add the positive energy in the entire food and into the atmosphere of the house.

Mirrors must be used in garden
Garden represents fundamental laws of nature. Light, air, earth, water, and sky all make into creating the magic called flowers, leaves, stems and fruits! Use mirrors to amplify your house with the fresh, natural and unconditional energy which our garden spreads silently and unknowingly.

Full length mirrors must be used in dressing rooms
Whenever you need to use mirrors for looking or getting dressed then use full length mirrors. Full length mirrors give you a feeling of completeness while using small mirrors leave you feeling ‘broken and incomplete’ over a period of time.

Mirrors in pujan space help get rid of stubborn negative energy
Usually we miss using mirrors in puja area. But puja area has lot of positive energy which can be tapped for empowering our subconscious. Not only will it help you meditate but spread pure and
vibrant energy in the entire house.

When and where mirrors must not be used
• Cracked mirrors must be replaced immediately
• Mirrors must not be placed right in front of your bed
• Mirrors must be avoided right in front of the house. It can attract all energies irrespective of their true nature.
• Mirrors must be avoided in study rooms. They can be a cause of distraction there.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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