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We all love festivals, don’t we? But at times in the process of enjoying that festival we tend to ignore the very basics of vaastu because of which we have to pay a cost later. Well this Dussehra we will discuss all the eco friendly ways to celebrate dussehra this year.

First and foremost, avoid plastic for creating ravana. Use old newspapers, wooden scrapings, and dried leaves etc to create the effigy. Using plastic bags etc will not only pollute the atmosphere but will also pose a problem for the health of the kids.

ravanaDo not burn the effigy on any disputed land. Be cautious of the fact that disputed land should not be used for celebrating any sort of festival.
Effigy should be burnt somewhere around water. Like for instance placing it close to swimming pool is ideal.

Secondly, make all the family members write their resolutions, any one ravana inside them which they want to burn. Paste those slips of paper on the effigy of ravana and watching your shortcomings burn alive will give you the motivation you require.

Holy plants like Ram tulsi, shyam tulsi should be removed from the area where the effigy has to be burnt. At times these fragile plants and their leaves get affected if the crackers fall on them.
South, South-east or south-west can be chozen to burn the effigy as these are the vaastu directions for fire.

North-east should be avoided for celebrating dussehra at home for the reason that this is the most sacred direction as per vaastu and it is assumed that the negativity and vices all get burnt during Dussehra so the area which sends positivity to the entire house should be avoided for this purpose.

Keep all windows and doors open if kids wish to make and burn an effigy indoors. Else the house may get all smoky and can catch fire too.


Dr Rupa Batra, aims at making the world better place to live by balancing man material and nature through Vaastu

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