Nameology Services

Global Vaastuu helps deciding a correct baby name that influences the whole life of your child.

Change your name Correct your name!

Victory is sure also wealth and fame!

Reach to goal by change the name

Achieve wonders by the proper name

Real and great life is in the name!

Name is the life and life is in the name

My goal, as a nameologist is to help people understand who they are, what their natural inclinations are, where their heart desire lies and how people see them. By doing this the obstacles and issues along the path become easier to understand and our journey is easier because we have the inspiration and confidence to climb for the summit.
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 For fixing lucky name for a new born child – special rate of 50usd/-
 Nameology for children aged above 7 years and for adults: 100 usd/-
 Nameology for business firms – 200 USD/-