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horsePicture of a horse has always been a source of renewed spirits and energy. We have seen picture of seven horses facing in the same direction and picture of white horses running on a lustrous green field.

According to feng shui, a horse represents loyalty, victory, strength, courage and will power. This is the reason why paintings of horses are very popular not just in homes but in offices too.

Horse also indicates speed. There are moments when you put in your best still you are unable to achieve results. The overall environment of the office plays a major role in reducing or increasing an employee’s anguish. So try purchasing a picture where the horse is standing or running in a lush green field rather than a dry, barren land.

  • Horse is a very strong and a sturdy animal. It is always connected to speed so if you are looking for some promotion in your career then you can place the picture of a horse in your cabin in the office or in your study in the house.
  • South zone is connected with success and fame. So placing the picture of a horse in the south direction can bring lots on of success in whatever you are pursuing.
  • Feng shui says that horse belongs to fire element. So it should be seen that the sculpture or picture of horse should not be kept in the area which has more of wood element.
  • Prefer the painting or image of a white colour horse for improving your relationship with your immediate boss. White is the colour of peace and can work wonders in your relationship.
  • As far as the placement of the horse is concerned, if you have a beautiful sculpture of a horse and you are not sure which side to keep it. Then you may keep the face of the horse opposite to any opening, as in the door or the window.
  • You can also present the picture or painting of a horse to your son or daughter who has got the first break in his career.



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