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peacockWith the mention of the word peacock, a rainbow of beautiful shades of blue, green and purple emerges in front of us. Not only is Peacock the National Bird of India but is also considered very lucky according to vaastu. Peacocks are connected with beauty, ride, popularity and happiness.

  • As per vaastu, one should keep a peacock feather which is popularly known as mor pankh nea their locker. The peacock feather is said to attract wealth and gives stability.
  • Peacock is also associated with beauty. Painting of a lovely peacock in dancing position kept in the living room will add beauty, elegance and a charm to your living room.
  • Peacock feather is also very effective in removing any sort of negative energies or vaastu dosh in the house.
  • You may also keep a beautiful peacock painting or showpiece in your office.
  • Proper care should be taken that the peacock feathers which are being used for removing vaastu dosh of any particular room should not be treated like a showpiece. Dust should not be allowed to settle on top of it at all. This is particularly necessary as it is being used for some special reason in your house.
  • In ancient times peacock feather was sued as a medicine in removing poison from one’s body. This is the reason why a peacock feather is also associated with health and well being.
  • Peacock feather also maintains the hygiene of the house as it is said to be helpful in shooing away lizards from the house.
  • A lovely picture of a peacock in the bedroom is considered to increase the intimacy ad understanding of the couple. The picture or showpiece or painting of the peacock should be kept just in front of the door so that it takes away bad omen and negative energies o any sort right at the entrance of the bedroom.

Dr Rupa Batra

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