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pink splashBefore we actually knew New Year is already here and once again we have started putting in our best. But at times even when we put in our best we do not get the best results. Vaastu shares with you secrets how you can keep up the spirit and stay focused on your resolutions.

As a Vaastu expert I have experienced the power of colours and the energy which they can impart us in our day t day life. Go in for Pink if you really want to stick to your New Year resolutions.

Pink is the colour of Love

Think of the feeling of love and the colour which represents love is certainly Pink. Change is something which requires a person to love himself or herself to core before we can actually attract the strength to transform our dreams into reality.

Pink is the colour of Positivity

Pink is the colour of positivity in life. Well in terms of the colour scheme pink is actually the combination of red and white. It is a balance of the alertness and boldness of Red and pure and powerful energies of

Pink is the colour of Cheerfulness
Pink is the colour of life, of happiness and of cheer. Use it for your outfits, your bedsheets, your flowers. These objects will help you stay focused.

Pink is the colour of Desire
Pink helps invoke desires in a person. A bunch of pink roses in your kitchen will definitely help you stay focused to your goals.

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