Pious Protection Bracelet

Pious Protection Bracelet

The pious protection bracelet is highly effective and is designed for use in protecting energies in all spheres of life. With the bracelet on hand you can run your fingers over them to focus and concentrate with all protection. The bracelet is made of one piece of two Eyed Dzi Beads. It is black in colour and strung on tough stretchable band. The Dzi bead is beneficial for various physiological functions of the body while bringing in luck and fortune to the possessor. The bead has miraculous power and protects against all negative and evil energies which may be creating hindrance in the life of a person. There are small round smooth black stones known as agate beads and is considered to absorb all the negative energies and to ward off all the Evi eye effects. The beads facilitate the user with the release of negative emotions like stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

All positive and negative energies are constantly bombarding the human body and we need to protect against them. The protection bracelet helps in creating an energetic shield around your body so as to protect you against any harmful negative energy.

At Global Vaastu, we provide our esteemed customers with protection against all kinds of evil effects and negative energies. We feel proud in announcing that our Vaastu Mentor has come up with the idea of protective bracelet for the protection and development of human mankind.

Our Vaastu Mentor has energised the protective bracelet by performing special puja and homam by invoking the blessings of various Gods and Goddess to make it extremely powerful for the benefit of the client. These protection beads is given to the clients after performing special puja which is done by the priests for approximately 4-5 hours by taking into account the tithi and nakshatra of the wearer.

We assure you that the beads will bring in prosperity, health, wealth and luck to you and your family. You can also recommend the product to your relatives and friends. You will find amazing chances in business and achieve success in job. The bead has been testified and we have satisfied customers from all over the world (View Testimonials) to our credit. You need not wear it on your wrist all the time, but can keep it in your hand bag safely. Since puja has been performed on the bracelet, avoid making it fall on the ground and keep it safely in your hand bag or wallet.

After you make your purchase, we will dispatch the bead to you after energising it once again by performing a small ritual which will be done by taking into account your name and date of birth.

Who can wear this Bracelet: This Bracelet can be worn by anyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It can be worn by any one irrespective of age and gender.

When and How to wear this Bracelet: Females should wear this bracelet in the left hand wrist and males in their right hand wrist after taking bath on Saturday morning. There are no other restrictions while wearing the same.