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We love keeping pictures of our Gods and goddesses in the car. We hang all sorts of accessories and at times our kids keep their stuffed toys in the car to personalize it even more. But do you know that you can actually reduce your chances of bumping into someone else’s car if you keep a metallic feng shui tortoise in your car on the dash board.

Sacred to Chinese philosophy of feng shui
Ancient Chinese textbooks have mentioned about the use of tortoise image to ward off evil energies and image of tortoise is used extensively in their museums and temples as a symbol of safety.

Why Tortoise?
Tortoise is believed to have an ability to withdraw itself in its hard shell when it senses danger. Its sixth sense is considered impeccable. It is this ability of tortoise that the animal is associated with spiritual study in Indian scriptures as well.

What is the impact of an image/object we place in our home/office/car
A particular image has a particular aura associated with it. Even non-living things like an object or an image have subtle powers to create an impact on the atmosphere. For instance how do you feel when you pass through a beautiful painting of a butterfly? You feel hopeful, you feel like there’s so much which is beautiful and unexplored in this world.

How does my driving get affected with image of tortoise?
When you place the image of a feng shui tortoise, the energy that the object will create will be powerful and one which will constantly remind you how to stay calm and balanced while driving. Early morning while you are in a rush to reach your office early or while on way to your house, image the traffic jam and the amount of chaos which is created. It becomes a challenge to keep one’s mind cool and steady. This is where the feng shui tortoise will be really helpful.

Do not purchase a cracked tortoise
While buying a tortoise for your car just be sure that the neck of the tortoise is a not bent down and is bit upward. Secondly it should not be broken, cracked or distorted.

To receive a feng shui tortoise as gift for your car is very auspicious
If you feel like, you can gift a feng shui tortoise to your child who has just started learning car driving. You may also gift it to your friend, boss or spouse. Gifting feng shui objects like pyramids, tortoise, winds-chimes is very lucky. Along with the gift we also receive that person’s good wishes too.

Do not let dust accumulate over feng shui objects
As I already mentioned that feng shui objects have wonderful latent powers within them, so if you want them to work in your favor then you need to keep those objects clean and to make sure that any sort of dirt or dust does not get accumulate on it.


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