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phoneAuthor: Dr Rupa Batra, Vaastu and Feng shui mentor and balanced life style expert

Today is world telecommunications day. This day is celebrated worldwide to applaud the one thing which is driving the world-communication and also to invest into technologies which assist in effective communication. Today a phone or rather a smart phone is not just a phone but is an alarm clock, is a personal directory, is a social networking platform and what not? But the same phone which we carry for our convenience can turn into a matter of concern if we do not get proper network specially when we are traveling to a new place.

Before I proceed, I would like to ask a question. What do you do when you feel cold? You take out your woolen clothes and you wear them. When it rains, you take out your umbrella to save yourself from the drizzle. Similarly, if I tell you that red and blue are the colours of air and any sort of disturbances of the air can be controlled and checked with a continuous use of these colours. So a simple thing like a wallpaper on your smart phone may work wonders for you while travelling. So the way you wear your favorite shirt while going for an interview, your favorite pair of jeans while on a date, so why not try and change your wallpaper of the phone if it can work for you?

Why blue and red colour?

Red is the colour of passion, attraction, speed, force and power. It has the power to attract the vibrations of the air in its own aura or space. This is the reason why celebrities in west prefer a red evening gown, a red shirt or a red saree while in public. Because red has the power to attract. A number of air lines also have the red colour as their logos. So a strong and bright red wallpaper can help get that bit of network back.

Blue is the colour of sky and that of water as well. Meaning blue represents height and depth both. So vibrations of colour blue are effective in clearing any sort of hurdles which might be there in the air due to which network connection might have lost.

It’s all in your mind

I tell in all my seminars and articles that mind is the most powerful machine ever created in this universe. The vibrations in the atmosphere are so powerful that they can win wars and turn the missiles, nuclear weapons and artillery useless! A simple change in perception towards the opposition nation, towards the enemy, towards the competitor can compel you to drop the gun. This is the power of our thought and mind. So before applying any rule of Feng Shui or any other book of philosophy, it is important to believe in its power.

On this note, I would also like to add that one needs to:

  • Plant more and more green leafy plants in the house so as to shun the negative energies created by the increasing number of phones in the family.
  • Keep alternating from one ear to another while on a long call
  • Do NOT keep the chargers in a tangled state as this reflects a tangled state of affairs in your life too.

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